Useful Medicinal Plants AKARKARA


Another name of Akarkara is anacyclus pyrethrum, akarkara roots, pellitory roots. Akarkara is very much used for dental problems. If applied on teeth and oral cavity provide relief on gingivitis, oral ulcers, dental caries and toothache.

Further, it is aphrodisiac, libido stimulant, spermatogenic and androgenic. Akarkara is also Brain tonic which helps in paritla or total loss of memory and treat insomnia. Akarkara is Anti-convulsant which helps in muscular contractions means irregular movement of body. This helps in relieving cough and reduces urine related problems.

Akarkara or Akallaka is a perennial herb that grows in the Himalayan region. The roots of this plant are slightly aromatic and have a pungent taste.

Akarkara is generally used to manage pain and inflammation related to arthritis due to its antioxidant property. It is also beneficial for indigestion as it stimulates the secretion of saliva as well as digestive enzymes needed for digestion. Akarkara improves sexual desire as well as sexual performance of men by maintaining the testosterone levels due to its aphrodisiac property. It might also be helpful in detoxification of the body as it increases urination due to its diuretic activity. It also helps improve brain function due to its memory-enhancing and antidepressant activity.

Akarkara is beneficial for skin problems and insect bites due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Applying a paste of Akarkara powder along with honey on the gums helps in relieving toothache due to its antioxidant and analgesic property

Akarkara also helps in improving sexual performance in men. It stimulates the secretion of testosterone which improves blood flow to the male sex organ, helps to maintain erection and enhances sperm production. Thus increasing the sexual desire and overall sexual performance

High dose of Akarkara can be harmful. It is advisable to consume Akarkara only in recommended dosage.


Boost Your Sexual Health Naturally

Boost Your Sexual Health Naturally

Men’s Health

फॉर्म को भरें-आर्डर करे

Sexual problems are most often brushed under the carpet because they are considered to be taboo. This is why many people don’t seek solutions to these problems. Over time, these problems worsen and one’s self-confidence takes a beating. Boost Your Sexual Health Naturally with the goodness of herbs

But sexual dysfunction does not have to dent your confidence and bring complications in your life. Bringing you an absolutely Herbal and safe Ayurvedic approach to solving all your sexual problems and Boost Your Sexual Health Naturally.Herbs like Safed Musli, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Gokshura, Vidarikanda and Kaunch.

These are a safe and sure way of dealing with a number of sexual problems without worrying about unpleasant side effects. These herbs are aphrodisiacs and are well-known for their ability to restore men’s sexual health. 

You can use it when you are experiencing any of the following-

Erectile dysfunction

Premature ejaculation

Loss of sexual stamina

Low levels of libido

Decreased sperm count

Low-quality sperm

Overall stress and exhaustion

Benefits of herbal product

Ancient Ayurvedic knowledge  contains the goodness of herbs that can infuse you with vigour and stamina. Consume herbal Capsules to solve all your sexual problems.

Boost your Sexual Health by using these herbs.

फॉर्म को भरें-आर्डर करे

1. Safed Musli to banish sexual weakness

This is a powerful natural way that works like a charm to cure sexual weakness. Now, you won’t experience any more awkwardness over premature ejaculation or a loss of sexual arousal. Safed Musli also improves men’s reproductive function by triggering spermatogenic processes that increase sperm motility and sperm count.

2. Shatavari for prolonged erections

Another trusted aphrodisiac, Shatavari can help you maintain your erection and prolong sexual arousal. It stabilizes the male hormonal balance and enhances your reproductive health. Not only is Shatavari a natural cure for impotence, but it also eases stress and keeps your body and mind healthy.

3. Ashwagandha for a strong body & sexual satisfaction

Ashwagandha is royalty among Ayurvedic herbs, there is no benefit that it does not offer. It will strengthen your body and instil stamina and sexual vigour. This powerful aphrodisiac prolongs arousal and can make your erection last for long so that both you and your partner can enjoy sexual satisfaction. Ashwagandha will also shape up your body by increasing muscle mass and shedding fat. Its antioxidant property will boost your immunity and slow down ageing.

4. Gokshura for greater libido

Gokshura increases your testosterone level, which naturally improves your sexual performance. It enhances sexual stamina and wards off the problem of low sexual desire. Gokshura also increases sperm count and motility.

5. Vidarikanda for heightened sexual arousal

Vidarikanda is a rejuvenating herb that strengthens your body and makes you more receptive to sexual pleasure. It also prevents nocturnal emissions.

6. Kaunch for a powerful sexual drive

This herb invigorates your body and sexual drive. No more complaints of low levels of libido once this wonder herb works its magic on you. Sexual dysfunction can happen to anyone. It’s quite natural. But Ayurveda can take care of this problem.

Que. ling kitni umar tak badhta hai

ling ki lambai 23 saal tak badhatee hai.

Que. Kya ling badai jaa sakti hai?

जी हां, लिंग को नेचुरल प्रोसेस से बढाया जा सकता है. टेस्टोस्टेरोन बूस्टर -यह आपकी पूरी मदद करेगा. यह लिंग के आसपास की नसों तक पर्याप्त मात्रा में ब्लड पहुंचाएगा जिसकी मदद से नसें उत्तेजित होगी और इस वजह से लिंग बड़ा हुआ दिखाई देगा.

Que. ling ki samanya lambai kya hoti hai?

उत्तेजना के बाद लिंग 5-6 इंच का होता है और सामान्य स्थिति में इसकी लंबाई 2 से 3 इंच होती है.

Que. ling ki lambai bada karne me kitna time lagta hai?

अगर आप पूरा  कोर्स लेते है तो आपको महीने के अंदर ही फर्क दिखने लग जायेगा और इसकी ज्यादा जानकारी के लिए आप हमारे विशेषज्ञों से कॉल पर बात कर सकते है.

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